What's a grading?
A grading is simply a little test of your current knowledge, understanding and capabilities in Taekwondo.  Your current level is shown by the color of the belt you wear (if you have one)...as shown below.

When you pass a grading, you progress to the next level and will be given a new belt to reflect your new level. For example, when you pass your first grading you will be awarded a Yellow Tag belt. You will also be given a certificate as proof of your new grade. Both the belt and certificate are given to you FREE (so long as you pass of course).

Each of the main belt colors has a meaning (excluding Tags: these are half-way points between the main belts). Progression through the belts tells a story of the student developing from seed through sapling to tree.

Taekwondo white belt. The origin or beginner.(beginners) - The origin or beginner

Yellow Tag
Taekwondo yellow tag.9th KUP

Taekwondo yellow belt. The earth, soil or seed.8th KUP - The earth, soil or seed

Green Tag
Taekwondo green tag.7th KUP

Taekwondo green belt. The growth or grass.6th KUP - The growth or grass

Blue Tag
Taekwondo blue tag.5th KUP

Taekwondo blue belt. Reaching for the skies.4th KUP - Reaching for the skies

Red Tag
Taekwondo red tag.3rd KUP

Taekwondo red belt. The flow of blood or danger.2nd KUP - The flow of blood or danger - the student has all of the technique of a black belt but needs to learn control

Black Tag
Taekwondo black tag.1st KUP

Taekwondo black belt. Impervious to darkness and fear.1st Degree - Impervious to darkness and fear

Taekwondo Association Badges
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