GTUK England Squad

The GTUK England Squad team consists of those members who have demonstrated serious commitment and a passion for competing in national and international Taekwondo tournaments. We are proud to say that some of our very own club members have been selected to be part of the England Squad, and regularly succeed in bringing home the top medals from events they compete in. If you wish to join them, you should consider coming along to Squad Training sessions. Just ask me for details.

Squad Training Dates

We hold regular Squad Training for all members interested in becoming a member of our squad team.

Date Time Location
Sun. 4th June 2017 Squad 1-4pm DMU
Sun. 2nd July 2017 England Team 11am-1pm, Squad 1-4pm Oakham
Sat. 14th October 2017 Squad 2-5pm DMU
Sat. 4th November 2017 Squad 2-5pm Wellingborough
24th November 2017 Squad Presentation + Seminar, 10am-4pm TBA

You can check the above dates at 

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